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APIs made Easier

Building backend services can be challenging, but at Real Dev Squad, our members tackle interesting problems regularly.

Sunday, April 25th 2021, 12:00pm IST

Swaraj Rajpure

App Owner | My Site

  • NoSQL
  • Google Firestore
  • Setup
  • CRUD basics

Ankur Narkhede

App Owner | Backend

  • Using Postman
  • API Testing
  • Monitoring
  • Documentation
  • Mocking

Perfecting Event Loops

Event Loop is an important core concept for web developers and interview questions

August 9th 2021, 4pm IST

Vishwanath Arondekar

SDE-III, Dream11 (EX-Disney+Hotstar)

  • What the hell is event loop?
  • JS is single threaded?
  • Stack, heap, queue?
  • setTimeout and Promises
  • Gotchas with event loop